Lopez Island Garden Club 

Gardens of Artists

A virtual Garden Tour for 2021

We present

six unique gardens created and maintained by talented Lopez artists who work in wood, stone, pottery, glass, and assemblage.

This wonderful event would not have been possible without the vision, enthusiasm and hard work of Martha Gooding, and the videography and editing expertise of Ken Kortge

Grateful thanks

to the garden owners for their generosity in sharing their stories, spaces, and passion with us.

Please enjoy this gift from the Garden Club to you.

Jim and Leslie Austin

When Jim and Leslie acquired their property, it already had some good garden “bones”.  They have continued to improve and expand it with vision and ceaseless hard work. An Asian theme is seen in the plantings and art, as well as their tea house, arches, bridge, walkways, all built by Jim.

Leslie owns Dragonfly Pottery which we all have had the pleasure of seeing at our Farmers Market and in the Chimera gallery. Her pieces are functional and lovely at the same time and each one is an expression of Leslie’s love of clay, color and pattern.

Irene Skyriver and Greg Blomberg

Longtime residents of Lopez, Greg and Irene have spent decades developing a large homestead that has become the center of their family neighborhood. Greg, a master woodcarver and toolmaker, tells the stories behind some of his Pacific Northwest Native inspired masks and totem poles.

Irene complements Greg’s art with the artistry of her fabulous garden, which explodes with color and texture. Her garden, greenhouse, vineyard, pond and orchards are an important part of the local ecosystem that sustains their extended family.

Eirene Blomberg

As part of the Blomberg family, Eirene and Zak have built a gorgeous home and garden. Eirene constantly works to enrich her soil, the foundation for the abundant food that provides the primary sustenance for her family. Her artful touch is apparent everywhere and adds beauty to a vibrant garden.

Like her garden, Eirene’s art continues to evolve. Her stone carvings express a strong feminine energy. Combined with her hand-made baskets, the results are magical. 

Raven Skyriver and Kelly O'Dell

Raven and Kelly are another part of the Blomberg/Skyriver clan and neighborhood. Together, they make incredible glass art in their state-of-the-art studio. Watching them create their museum-quality art is like watching a choreographed dance.

Their beautiful garden is right outside their studio, and like the other members of their extended family, full of beauty and delicious veggies and fruits. 

Bryan and Martha Gooding

As transplants from Dallas, Bryan and Martha have had quite a learning curve adapting to the Pacific Northwest gardening climate. Their successful transition is demonstrated by their beautiful and abundant vegetable garden, which they eat from all summer. Nestled within a forest of fir and salal, their terraced ornamental garden of trees, shrubs, grasses and perennials provides a ridgetop view of the Salish Sea, with Mt. Baker as its centerpiece.

Bryan provides a unique addition to the local artist community with his one-of-a-kind assemblage boxes and cigar-box ukuleles. His English degree and quirky sense of humor show up in the narratives that his pieces tell.

Bruce and Mindy Richardson

Bruce and Mindy’s garden is clearly an artist’s garden. It’s apparent not only from the design and beauty of the garden itself, but from its integration with Bruce’s incredible stone sculptures. Throughout the garden, carved animals seem to emerge from the landscape.

Bruce is also a wood carver and you’ll see the Pacific Northwest Native influence in that work, including a totem at the entrance to his studio. Bruce’s stone sculptures can also be seen throughout the village. They are treasured additions to our public spaces and it’s a unique treat to discover one as you turn a corner.